Friday, January 4, 2013

it's beginning to look alot like christmas

The Mr and I just got back from an amazing trip home to PA for Christmas. I have been looking forward to this trip since last Christmas when we couldn't go home. Now Mike on the other hand, not so much. He sees the the hassle this trip can bring. Which is understandable considering we don't stay at one location more then 3 days. 

This year we flew into Baltimore, MD then 10 days later flew back to Texas from Pittsburgh. So how did we get from Baltimore to Pittsburgh? let me tell ya : )

1st stop: Lancaster

My mom graciously picked us up form the airport and drove us back to Lancaster, which is only suppose to be a 1 1/2hr drive but turned into a 3hr drive. Who knew traffic intermingled with construction would be so bad at midnight : / 

We pretty much went nonstop the whole trip but i wouldn't have changed it for anything because we met up with some of our favorite PA people! 

Since the day my cousin told me she was pregnant I have been patiently waiting to meet this special little guy.  I had to wait over a year to meet him but boy was it worth the wait : ) Axel truly is one of the sweetest babies you will ever meet and he looks just like his momma. I am so happy for Jaimie and James, they are wonderful parents to this precious little guy.

 Jaimie, Tara, and I made sure to face time our sweet friend and momma to be Katie while we were all together.
 That evening we spent 6 hours with two of our favorite people, the Wagner Deli. We all worked together in Lynchburg until the Wagners moved to Phili. Now we make it a point to meet up with them whenever we are home. God so perfectly placed them in our lives and i don't know what i would do without them.
Mike and I met up with our favorite Yorker, Randa : ) I love that she comes home to visit around the same times we do.  I wish all our other Liberty friends would join her next time.

 Christmas Eve we spend with Mike's extended family at Grammy J's house in Carlisle, about a 45 min drive from my moms. We played games and caught up, it was wonderful. When the girls made a trip to Target it started snowing... big, beautiful snowflakes.

 Merry Christmas from the Breams! Could not have asked for a better family to marry into, what an amazing family : )
 On Christmas we skyped with Karl and Brit in Norway. It was great to see their smiling faces. Can't wait to visit them!
 We spend Christmas with my mom, my sibs and their spouses and sweet little Grammy. It was great to be all together again : )
On our way to Johnstown to visit my Dad we ran into a winter wonderland. It was so pretty... but not so fun to drive through. We left 45 mins before my sister and her hubby. It took us 3 1/2hrs and it took them 61/2.... yikes!
 a great visit with my bff is a must when im home : ) love that we've been friends longer then i can remember!
 After a quick stop in Johnstown we headed to our final stop of our tour in PA. I love that we stopped in Pittsburgh last so that we could attend the annul Brennan New Years Eve party. We always have a great time catching up with friends there. We couldn't pass up a cheesy Christmas inspired picture with the married couples : )

I am to thankful we were able to see so many loved ones in our short 10 day trip. I've been getting pretty beat up about living so far from our friends and family on the east coast, but this trip was the perfect medicine. God knows me so well : )

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  1. oh my goodness you guys were busy! so wish I could have seen you guys! I miss you so so much! Hope you had a great Christmas! :)