Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fall check list

I am so excited to actually be checking things off my Fall List, because I feel like I am making the most of our last fall in Virginia. We have had SO much fun accomplishing our "Fall List", here are some pictures to prove it!

this is the hubby and our friend from work Ben at the Gross's Family Apple Festival. I think my faovite thing about this picture are the mountains and clouds in the background.

the beautiful mountians on the way to the apple festival
look at all those trees!
The hubby and I suprised a friend of ours by coming to visit her and her husband in Fredericksburg. While we were there we did all kinds of "fallish" things like going on a hay ride, going thru a corn maze, making a bonfire with smores, and my favorite going to a pumpkin patch. I love how the orange sticks out agaist all that green in this picture....
We found the perfect pumpkin!Me and the hubs with our amazing friends (who we miss so much) Jamie and Susannah before entering the corn maze
Back in Lynchburg we made carmal apples twice! it is such a fun process.... sticky but fun! Here is our end results the first time we made them.
My first trip to the apple orchard this fall was with 3 amazing friends. This is Randa and I picking our apples
Then i went again with Mike and the Wagners. Here we are posing with Ronnie Jr at the apple festival.

Here is a small glimpse of my fall decoration skills. The leaves, walnuts and acorns were all found in the woods while the hubs and i played golf frisbee with the Wagners...

Hope you are having a fun time checking off your fall list!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fall is in the air

I am LOVING this fall weather. I am not one that enjoys cold weather but i do love the atmosphere fall brings along every year. From all the fun things you can do with pumpkins to the trees changing colors... i love it all!

This fall is really special to me because this will probably be our last fall in Lynchburg Virginia. Such a sad fact to face. I LOVE that we can enjoy all four seasons here (without the extreme winters like in PA). If things go through for us we will be in Keller Texas in January and from what i understand there is just a hot season and a rainy season. Don't get me wrong I am SO excited to have an average of 85 degree weather everyday, that is my heaven. BUT i am sad to say goodbye to not only the fall weather but also to the mountains and the beautiful trees that are here all year long.

So, in honor of our last fall in a state that gets to enjoy all 4 seasons i have made a list of all the "fallish" things i want to do!

1. make pumpkin muffins

2. decorate our home for fall

3. bake some pies! maybe a pumpkin and apple?

4. go to an pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect Bream Team pumpkin to carve

5. carve a pumpkin ( i promised Mike this year we would carve a pumpkin with the Steelers emblem on it.... we shall see how that turns out)

6. bake the seeds from the pumpkin.... so good!

7. go hiking

8. go to an apple orchard

9. make caramel apples

10. enjoy the leaves changing colors!

( I actually have already checked some off my fall list and i will post pictures soon! )