Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Beach

We recently returned from our family vacation to Ocean Isle, NC. My family and I have been staying in the same condominium for the past 15 years, so needless to say I have some great memories there. Since we didn't go last year, cause we got married, this was the first year that Mike came along. I LOVED finally being able to share one of my favorite things with him. I thought i would share some photos for you to enjoy!

our view from our condo.

The condominium we have been staying at through out the years. This year was probably be the last we stay there. It was looking alittle scary : /

This will probably be one of the very few pictures you will see of us making silly faces because i am HORRIBLE at them! I can never think of anything to do so i always make Mike do smiling pictures.

Christmas Card? I think so!

My family....
hubby in the grey
me in the yellow
sister, Alanna in the green
mom in the black
brother, Caleb in the white