Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Made It!

It has been crazy! So sorry i have been falling behind on keeping you all updated on what's going on with us. I was really hoping to have some pictures for you but since all my camera cords are packed away the pictures will just have to wait till we get unpacked in our new place. Where to start.... hmm. Let's start the whole way back where i left off last time.

Mike and I had a great time with our family and friends in PA. The two weeks with them went by way too fast, but we were excited to get back to Lynchburg to start packing up our stuff. We had a litle over a week from when we got back to Lynchburg to the time we left for Texas, it sounds like a lot of time when you dont have to work but we ended up needing more time. Mike and I were able to spend almost every week night with our friends then during the weekend his parents and my mom and sister came to help up move. We could not have moved with out them! Our mom's kicked butt with cleaning and Mike's brother and Dad did an amazing job with packing everything into our moving cubes.

We left Lynchburg Monday March 15th and arrived in Keller on 17th. Since both of us had our own cars I followed Mike the whole way, which was kinda nice for me since i didn't have to worry about missing any exits. It was wonderful being able to listen to my "cheesy girl music", as Mike calls it, the whole 19 hours. We stopped in Nashville the first night and Memphis the next night. I can't wait to share our fun pictures from the trip!

Thanks to Uncle Dave and Aunt Jill, Mike and I have been crashing at their beautiful home since we got here. They actually just got back from Disney World last night so we have been taking care of the house and their adorable dog, Snickers, these past few days. We actually just got apporoved for our apartment so we will be moving in on Tuesday! Talk about a fast answer to prayer. Now all we need is for me to find a job : )

I can't wait to move into the apartment, it is beautiful and full of so many little details! No more tacky yellow counter tops like back in Lynchburg! yay! I am SO excited to start decorating it and since its a two bed/two bath apartment I will need to do some shopping! Once we get settled in the apartment I will share some before/after pictures of the space and some new decorating ideas I have gotten from other blogs. I am even more excited to have internet there!!! I will now be able to keep the blog updated on our lives and put a little decorating twist to it as well. Time to catch up on my favorite blog's.... see you soon!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

only a few months behind....

I must be THE worst blogger ever! I somehow find time every day to check everyone's blog but don't have 5 minutes to update mine. I promise to become a better blogger starting now! Why you may ask? Well I will be having some extra time on my hands now that Mike and I are moving to Texas. We found out about a 3 weeks ago, so we gave our two weeks notice at work and headed up to PA to visit our families for two weeks. That's where we are now, in Pittsburg visiting Mike's family and next week we will be in Lancaster visiting with mine. I promise to give you the down low on all our travels once we get to Fort Worth, but for now i just wanted to leave you with a quick update. See you all soon!