Friday, September 21, 2012

Hi my name is Beth and I am an awful blogger

Remember me? 

I really should win the award for worst blogger EVER! 

There are so many things I have been wanting to blog about, and they all come to me while i am driving. The sad thing is my thoughts don't seem that important when I get home to my computer.

.... I need to work on that.

I started this blog so I could keep my family/friends updated on life as a Bream. But mostly it was so I wouldn't forget where I've been.

... I have done an awful job at both.

So there is a lot that happened since my last post. I will hopefully remember to give details in later posts but for now I will just keep it short and simple.

* we moved into our cute apartment and two years later we moved out! why you may ask? well...
* we bought our first house! 
(but before the house buying and after moving to Texas...)
* I worked at a daycare as a preschool assistant teacher and let's just say I could have quit after the first week. I learned very quickly daycare's are not the place for me. 
* found the right fit for me as a nanny for the most precious three year old boy. That little guy has my heart!

That is the very short version. 

until next time...